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The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) enforces ERISA and provides compliance assistance to plan participants and beneficiaries. Click here to send an email to WAG requesting the latest laws and regulations regarding employee benefit plans.

Our Services:

Successful management of your retirement plan assets and fiduciary responsibilities is accomplished by first developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and then following an established, proven process. Wealth Advisory Group partners with you to develop and deploy both the document and the process to ensure that you and your team adhere to those standards. Our process features:

Independence. No fund requirements from record keepers or third party administrators.

Access.  Your company has the ability to select the most reputable fund families and top performing mutual funds that make sense for you and your employees.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  An IPS includes a specific set of criteria for monitoring, adding or removing your investment options. We develop and manage your IPS, which is designed specifically for you and with you, to meet your goals. Our process includes:

  • Ongoing Review. We continuously monitor each fund manager against the specific criteria set forth on the IPS to ensure all criteria are met. If funds or other investment options underperform in any way as outlined in your IPS, we take the appropriate action.
  • Reporting.  By delivering “at-a-glance”, comprehensive reporting to the plan trustees, we offer you and your company full transparency and ease of management.
  • Modifications. We use an easily understood, proven methodology for replacing and/or removing fund managers that do not consistently meet the objectives set forth in your IPS.

Investment Menu. We will develop a diversified investment menu by asset class and investment style using top-quartile, institutionally priced and no-load fund options.

Asset Allocation. Using your investment menu (conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive, aggressive) as a guide, we provide customized asset allocation portfolios for your company.

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