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As business owners, it is difficult to separate your personal life and your business life.  You may build a business with the sole intention of selling it in the future as a capital event.  You may regard your business as an income stream that provides a living, through up and down cycles, and build your lifestyle around the income.  Or, your goal may be to build a family business and pass it on to your children, thereby building a business to last through the decades.  The family business supports several generations of management and the goal is to keep the balance sheet and business healthy while living off the income. 

Whatever business strategy you have, we can help you through the planning process to create, accumulate and distribute the wealth related to your business.  As depicted in the above chart, there are certain core components to the growth of a business where we can help.

Ultimately, business ownership is similar to an analogy of stocks and bonds. A bond is simply a debt obligation; it pays you income without tremendous upside potential.  This is why working for someone else is similar to the concept of bonds. Certainly, you can be very successful and talented, like a high yield bond, but as a bond or an employee, you don’t own a piece of the pie. A stock, on the other hand, like a business owner, represents equity ownership of a company. The goal is to grow the business and therefore, the stock value as well.  While income pays a small dividend, if any, the true value of company ownership is realized by growing the value of the stock and eventually exiting or selling. Stocks may be more risky or complex, but the rewards may be well worth it.

Wealth Advisory Group can help you reap the rewards and minimize the risks of business ownership. Call us today at 800-332-5465 to learn how.


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